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Here at the IntelliShop Career Center, we’re offering you a chance to get to know us better and find out what’s most important to us. Get started by watching our introductory video, in which our employees -your future colleagues!- get to talk about what it’s like working for us:

Video: Introduction to IntelliShop

Get to know the IntelliShop team: This video lets our employees speak for themselves. In only seven minutes, you can find out how much fun it is to work at IntelliShop and why we’re looking forward to meeting you. The video is available in 1080p Full HD quality, and you can adjust the desired video quality by using the cog icon. Enjoy!

E-commerce is an exciting, fast-paced environment in which the latest Internet technologies are constantly coming up against innovative, new business models.

As a result, our work here at IntelliShop is multifaceted.

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