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The e-commerce market is growing incessantly. No company today can afford to ignore online commerce. Which is why the business of e-commerce is one of the most exciting, most varied, and also most future-proof sectors of the IT industry.

In this respect, e-commerce means a great deal more than just selling things over the Internet. Rather, it’s all about the digital future of commerce, about optimizing offer and sales processes, and about developing new, digital services-which means that our work here at IntelliShop is multifaceted.

Whether you’re a software developer, a project manager, or an e-commerce consultant: Your career prospects here at IntelliShop are excellent, because you’ll be working on ambitious projects and for big-name clients.

Why working at IntelliShop is an excellent career opportunity

  • The process of digital transformation has only just begun. E-commerce is in the process of developing into a multi-billion dollar market, especially in the business-to-business sector.

  • B2B solutions like our IntelliShop eCommerce Platform are increasingly turning to middleware to connect participating systems, such as PIM, ERP, or CRM. This allows us to see the big picture and get a broader impression of our customers’ digitization concepts. This breadth of experience will be a major benefit in your toolbox of future skills.

  • Here at IntelliShop, we use state-of-the-art technologies in order to fulfill the high demands of online commerce. Even highly experienced staff members never stop learning.

  • We might work for large-scale customers, but we ourselves are still an agile speedboat. We place a lot of emphasis on sharing experiences, and our culture encourages everyone to go on developing and growing all the time!

  • We service clients in many different countries, giving you the opportunity to amass experience with international projects.

  • E-commerce expertise is an increasingly sought-after additional employee skill set.

  • Here at IntelliShop, you’re not locked up in some “ivory tower;” instead, you’ll be getting acquainted with demanding customers and their often highly-complicated processes.

Watch this video to hear Oliver Schwartz discuss career opportunities in e-commerce.