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What we offer

We are offering you the opportunity to become part of a dynamic, supportive team, to use outstanding software and work on exciting e-commerce projects for big-name clients, and to contribute your own experience, specialist knowledge, and ideas. But you’ll never have to work in isolation.

Here at IntelliShop, we foster close collaboration between core and project development and between product and project management. We particularly encourage employees to take ownership, and we work in small Professional Services teams that implement truly successful and innovative concepts for our clients-combining the highest levels of expertise and passion.

Why should you work for IntelliShop?

  • Outstanding e-commerce software

    You will implement projects using our IntelliShop eCommerce Platform, which has a proven track-record as an enterprise-ready solution in a number of major projects. You’ll be working right next door to product development, and will be able to directly contribute ideas to the further development of the core system.

  • Join our team and work on major e-commerce projects!

    We live and breathe a solution-oriented and team-driven culture in which everyone gets to actively bring his or her ideas to the table. This helps us help big-name clients-from high-end SMEs all the way to large corporations-successfully implement their digital strategies through e-commerce.

  • Modern web-based technologies

    We believe in creating a modern work environment. We regularly question existing solutions and are always open to new and better approaches.

  • You get to take ownership right from the start!

    We believe in short decision-making channels. You'll be able to apply your skills and yourself to your team from day one and in a beneficial way.

  • We love what we do!

    Come and share your passion for e-commerce with us! We operate in an extremely dynamic, fast-growing, and future-proof environment. Our projects are dynamic, too: Helping our clients with their digital transformation process is our biggest and most important challenge. In this, we play an important role and take pride in our clients’ successes!

More than just software development

If you believe you fit the bill, if you’re tired of the boring old standards of software development and want to use truly innovative approaches instead (such as domain-driven design, test-driven development, multi-threading PHP, ...), then we’re looking forward to receiving your application!