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Here at IntelliShop, our candidates are more than just “case files.” Rather, it is very important to us to be able get to know you and provide any assistance we can with your application. During the application process, when we invite you for an interview, you will likely meet some of your future colleagues. These might include Executive Board members, your future superior, or even the Head of Development. And just as we want to get a realistic, comprehensive idea of what you’re all about, we’ll make every effort to give you a clear impression of how things work here at IntelliShop, so that you can say with confidence, “I really want to work here!”

Our HR specialist Daniela Paul will be your personal point of contact during the entire process, and will support you every step of the way. And later, once you join us as an employee, you will always find her a good listener, willing to support you with your personal development and career planning. This video will help you get to know Daniela better:

Video: Your point of contact at HR

The video is available in 1080p Full HD quality, and you can adjust the desired video quality by using the cog icon. Enjoy!

By the way: You have now officially met Anneliese. Anneliese and her sister, Matthilda, are our lively office pugs and always a lot of fun!

Anneliese and Matthilda fit perfectly into our team, because, like us, they enjoy being happy and cheerful.