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Tips fo your application

Tips on how to write the “perfect job application” are a dime a dozen, but, at the end of the day, every company is different. While, for legal reasons, application procedures in the United States don’t leave much leeway for personal touches, candidates in Germany can still “increase their score” by providing a carefully crafted application and a high-quality photo. Here at IntelliShop, we leave the form of your application up to you: be it via online form, email or, as is customary in Germany, a fully-fledged application dossier. And we’re certainly not expecting a super stylish marketing résumé (CV) from a software developer. However, there are a few points you should bear in mind when applying:

  • Don’t make it look as if you’ve applied to thousands of companies
    Show us that you spent some time finding out about IntelliShop, and that you specifically chose us. Our Career Center as well as our various other websites provide a lot of background information.

  • Do decide on a specific vacancy
    Your application, cover letter, résumé (CV), and qualifications should be tailored to a specific job profile. Vague applications are not going to cut it.

  • Do pay attention to style, even if you’re applying online
    Typos and careless, messy formatting won’t make your application look as if you really mean it.

  • Do send your documents in PDF format
    You will make every HR department in the world very happy if you send your documents, including your cover letter, as one full PDF file. There are many tools to help with this. Combining several files into one ZIP archive is fine, but please avoid sending open file formats, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

  • Do provide your salary expectations if the vacancy asks for it
    You’ll have to put your cards on the table during the interview anyway. And don’t worry: Concrete salary expectations won’t usually lower your chances of being invited to interview. On the contrary: They show us that you have thought about the position very carefully.

  • Do tell us your earliest and -if they differ- your desired start date
    It will also be helpful to know about any notice periods you might have. You should assume that we are always looking to speak with interesting candidates-even if they are not available at short notice, and even for vacancies that we urgently need to fill.

And, finally: Stick to the facts, don’t take credit for others’ achievements, but be confident and use your application to show us what you’re proud of. Sending in a résumé (CV) and references is mandatory. However, it’s usually the add-ons that make or break an application: Give us an idea of why you are exactly the right candidate for IntelliShop. We’re looking forward to it!