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Are you currently studying Computer Science or IT? Do you love programming? Do you have in-depth experience with PHP? If so, we can offer you an exciting job as a student trainee (“Werkstudent”) while you complete your degree! Please understand that these positions are only available to active students who are currently enrolled in higher education. We offer you the opportunity to complement your studies with an interesting student job, which will allow you to apply your programming skills to ambitious e-commerce projects for big-name clients:

Current job opportunities for students

Please take any applicable taxation and insurance requirements into consideration before applying for a student (trainee) job. During term time, for example, students are not usually permitted to work for more than 20 hours per week. Your student trainee job should also be related to your studies in some way.

You can find additional student trainee (“Werkstudent”) information online (in German):

In order for us to provide you with correct, individualized advice and to enable us to comply with social security/health insurance requirements for student trainees, it is vital that you inform us of any additional jobs you may have.

Will IntelliShop help with my thesis or dissertation?

Our job opportunities for student trainees are designed for IT/Computer Science students who wish to earn a little extra money and gain hands-on experience while they complete their degree. We cannot currently offer help with your thesis or dissertation.